Monday, April 18, 2011

ANTM 16 Episode 3

| ANTM 16 Episode 3 Makeover |
This week, the girls back home and find a big string they’re supposed to pull. It unleashes a curtain with descriptions of the makeovers."Kinky, Red, and Wild with Matching Brows and Short Dutch Boy“ are type of makeover will the girls get.The girls all arrive at Prive Salon where the Miss J and the owner of the saloon, Laurent D be waiting for them and will make the hair of the girls. Fashion Photographer Troy Jensen is there as well to do the photo shoot after the girl done.
| ANTM 16 Episode 2 Makeover |
Hannah - Extra Highlights & Weave Hair
Mikaela - Black & Weave Hair
Brittani - Black & Short Hair
Molly - Long and Massive Weave
Monique - Black & Long Extension
Dayla - Black and Long Extension
Jaclyn - Big & Curly Hair
Sara - Really Black Short Hair
Alexandria - Extra Long Blonde Hair
Dominique - Weave Red Hair
| ANTM 16 Episode 3 Photo Shoot |
Brittani & Molly
For the photo shoot this week, the wannabes all meet Mr. J with photographer Pamela Hanson and stylist Lori Goldstein. It’s all about couture for this week and the girls are in glamorous. The girls will be posing pair except Dayla, Dominique and Jaclyn.
Kasia & Molly
Monique & Alexandria
Mikaela & Sara
| ANTM Episode 2 At Panel |
Dayla, Jaclyn and [ Dominique- worst photo ]
At panel this week, the judges were joined by Lori Goldstein. So who gonna called first by Tyrant.....ultimately, Alexandria was called first, she deserved the best photo. She was followed by Molly, Brittani, Kasia, Jaclyn, Hannah, Monique, Dalya, and Mikaela. That left Dominique and Sara in the bottom two. Unfortunately, Dominique has to go home. Miss J said he would crop her out.

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