Thursday, February 24, 2011

ANTM 15 Episode 9

The top 6 girls are flown to Italy, since this is the “high fashion” season. Their first stop is Venice. For this week’s photo shoot, the girls meet with Mr. J and photographer Simone Falcetta. They’re going to be shooting on gondolas near the Ponte Rialto. The girls will be in groups of three and there will be a hot male model. 
Kayla, Chris, Liz 
Ann, Chelsey, Jane
| At Panel |
At panel, Margherita Missoni as the guest judge. Kayla got the best photo. Then, Jane was called and followed by Chelsey and Ann. Chris and Liz in the bottom two. Unfortunately Tyrant did not called Liz name so she is eliminated to be the Next America's Next Top Model.
Liz ( Eliminated )

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