Tuesday, March 22, 2011

ANTM 15 Episode Finale

| Vogue Italia Shoot |
Its finale, Ann and Chelsey will compete each other. The girls head off to do their photo shoot for Italian Vogue. It's a high fashion shoot whereas before this ANTM winner shoot for SEVENTEEN. They meet up with Vogue Italia’s,Valentina Serra at the location. The shoot’s photographer, Vincent Peters, tells them that they will be doing a fairly natural shoot that won’t be too over the top. After the photo shoot, the two wannabes head back to the house where Tyra Mail is waiting. When they received Tyra Mail, it said that they have to do a commercial shoot for CoverGirl.

| CoverGirl Commercial Shoot |


| Runway Show |
The next day, the girls arrive at the runway show location and are thrilled to learn, they will be wearing Roberto Cavalli’s “Just Cavalli” line. Not just them on the runway but Liz, Chris, Jane, and Kayla are going to walk on the runway not forget Cycle 14 winner Krista is there too.

| At Panel |
At panel, Tyrant, Nigel and ALT were joined by Mr. Jay and Roberto Cavalli for the final judging. Nigel judge about Chelsey’s walk which indeed a bit fast and stiff. Tyrant didn’t think Chelsey really knew what to do at the end of the runway. Cavalli thought she was really natural though. Nigel tried to be nice to Ann and say she had really improved. Tyrant said her eyes looked a little too zombie. Cavalli thought she looked scared. Tyrant announced Ann as the Next America's Next Top Model Season 15. Congratulations ANN !!

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