Friday, June 24, 2011

ANTM 16 Episode 12

| ANTM 16 Episode 12 Challenge |
Only three girls left before they are going to the finale-Molly, Britanni and Hannah. We began this week story with  the girls meet up with Mr. Jay at the house. He delivers a video message from Lara Spencer of The Insider. She presents the next challenge. The girls have to go out and put a video story together on a fashion trend in Morocco for The Insider. It has to be a 90 second spot. The winner gets to have their spot posted on The Insider’s website. The biggest problem the girls had was finding somebody to interview for their spots who could speak English. Later that day, Tyrant surprised the girls at the house. They chat, cry and bond. Tyrant then does a super quick and dirty photo shoot with them. Then they dance on the roof.  
| ANTM 16 Episode 12 Photo Shoot |
This week photo shoot, the wannabes meet up with Mr. Jay and Nigel seaside on a beach. Mr. Jay is wearing a turban. Nigel Barker once again looks to be the man behind the camera. Each girl, this week, gets to be evaluated on two pictures. They are going to pose a romantic couple with hot male model, Younes Tazi at the beach with the traditional clothes of Moroco. 
| ANTM 16 Episode 12 At Panel |
At panel, IMG Models VP Ivan Bart was on hand as guest judge. So who are going to send  to the finale. Surprisingly, Molly is called first by Tyrant. She deserved it at all. Tyrant thought it was stunning. The second photo isn’t as dramatic, but she still looks beautiful. ALT said the close up on her face was extraordinary. Two girls left, Brittani and Hanah- both are really good but Tyrant want only two girls at final. Who is final two, it is Britanni. Unfortunately Hannah has to go home. She really has a big talent to be a model. She is good enough. So Brittani and Molly are going to compete to be The Next America’s Next Top Model Season 16.

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