Monday, June 20, 2011

ANTM 16 Episode 11

| ANTM 16 Episode 11 Challenge |
This week the girls are going to meet with Franca Sozzani. Oooh. This is a huge deal for them. They all pepper Franca with questions and get some good advice about the modelling world.Then it’s off to meet with Noor. They’re going to learn how to do a traditional tea tray dance. Basically, they need to keep a tray of tea balance on their heads while dancing around like sluts. The winner gets a one-on-one runway session with Miss J. Molly tripped on her dress and almost fell like wise on Alexandria when she took the stage at final. Brittani and Hannah danced well and kept the tray on her head. Ultimately, Brittani won and picked Hannah to share in the runway lesson.
| ANTM 16 Episode 11 Photo Shoot |
Molly ( Best Photo )
 The next day, the girls met up with Mr. J and photographer Friedemann Hauss who is going to snap the girls this week. This shoot is part two of the “fashion caravan” that began last week.This time, they’re in one of the country’s largest outdoor markets wearing Daniella Issa Helayel design. She is a London based designer.
| ANTM 16 Episode 11 At Panel |
At panel, the judges were joined by the photo shoot’s designer, Daniela Issa Helayel. Molly called first by Trant. Brittani was called second. That left Hannah and Alexandria in the bottom two. Unfortunately, Tyrant did not called Alexandria and she is eliminated . Friedemann was not impressed with her tight and tense lips. ALT doesn’t get the story, Nigel is worried about her face, and Tyrant thinks it is travel mag slash flight attendant not high fashion.

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