Thursday, May 19, 2011

ANTM 16 Episode 6

| ANTM 16 Episode 6 Challenge |
This week story, Tyra has some words of “wisdom” to share, as per usual. In this lesson, “Sexy Teacher” Tyra helps the girls discover their individual fashion archetypes,” and gives them tips on how to deal with fame. Tyra learned a new word this week: archetype, which she says about 14 times in the span of 15 seconds, and gets the girls to pigeonhole themselves into  ARCHETYPES. After that, the girls head to the mall to meet fans.
| ANTM 16 Episode 6 Photo Shoot |
This week photo shoot, the girls are going to “take a dirty picture” as they get covered from head to toe in mud and getting photographed by Jonathan Mannion at Smashbox Studios. The girls pose together, wearing almost nothing. Jay Manuel is on set to try to bring out their dirty side. They get lathered in mud and cuddle together for their group shots of .Blondes vs. Brunettes
Blondes ( Hannah, Kasia, Molly & Alexandria )
Brunettes ( Monique, Jaclyn, Mikaela, Brittani )
| ANTM 16 Episode 6 At Panel |
Brittani ( Best Photo )         Monique ( Eliminated )
Indian American Supermodel Sonia Dara joins the judges' panel to decide which girl will be eliminated. So who will be call first by Tyrant and get the best photo… Britanni.. YESS, she deserved it !! She followed by other girls except Monique and Mikaela which is at bottom two. The girl that have to go home and leave the house immediately is…. Monique. Mikaela is saved by an eyebrow hair.

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