Wednesday, May 4, 2011

ANTM 16 Episode 5

| ANTM 16 Episode 5 Challenge |
Previously, Sara is eliminated and  now nine girls left.This week challenge , the girls shot a Cover Girl "Get the Look" online video and were split up into three teams of three. Most of the teams got along, but when you put Alexandria on any of those teams, there's bound to be some diva moments.
| ANTM 16 Episode 5 Photo Shoot |
Hannah ( Best Photo )

For the photo shoot this week the girl head to the Los Angeles Zoo where they are going to wear a new line of faux fur clothes by stylist Rachel Zoe and pose with wild animals, baby jaguar, Mauto. Rachel Zoe also joins the judges panel to decide which girl will be eliminated.
Molly ( Bottom Two )
Dayla ( Bottom Two )
| ANTM 16 Episode 5 At Panel |
At panel, Rachel Zoe took her seat as this week’s guest judge. At last, Tyrant admitted that Molly’s weave was not working. This week best photo was Hannah. The, she was followed by Brittani, Jaclyn, Monique, Alexandria, Kasia, and Mikaela. That left Molly and Dalya in the bottom two. Unfortunately, Dalya have to pack and go home.

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