Friday, April 22, 2011

ANTM 16 Episode 4

ANTM 16 Episode 4 Challenge  |

This week challenge, the girls get some walking with fire. They head to the location and show up a warehouse for a little runway challenge Geoffrey Mac outfits. Actually, the runway is basically on fire and shooting flames the whole time and  their hands are going to be on fire lined with gloves. Molly got some surprise, her  nasty nest hair is cut out. Alexandria open the runway with a gorgeous looked. Dayla is the win the best walk ! 

| ANTM 16 Episode 4 Commercial Shoot |
For this week, the girl don't have to do a photo shoot but a commercial shoot for "Fierce Roast Coffee". They arrived to the location are styled in that hot Mad Men retro look to make up for the lame coffee brand. They looked very sexy and sophisticated photographed  and directed by Francesco Carrozzini.  The girls are paired off for the commercial. Sara got bigger boobs and Jaclyn got some booty implants. At Panel, Kasia was called first and followed by other girls but Sara & Alexandria is on bottom two. So Tyrant make her decision to eliminate Sara.

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