Thursday, April 14, 2011

ANTM 16 Episode 2

| ANTM 16 Episode 2 Challenge |

Before photo shoot, the girls meet up with Nigel for a lesson and challenge in performing. He’s got acting coach Eugene Buica with him to help teach the girls how to emote. He talks about how the little voice inside our heads, “the inner critic” which each girl has to draw their “inner critic” on an easel. Then they have to face that inner critic.
| ANTM 16 Episode 2 Photo Shoot  |
Hannah ( Best Photo )
The next day, the girls meet Mr. J for their photo shoot. It’s beauty shots. The girls will be posing with real bees. The girls are lensed by Mike RosenthalAdding bees to the shoot can seem like a frightening thing, but the outcome is simply gorgeous.
Dayla ( Bottom Two )
| ANTM 16 Episode 2 At Panel |

Nicole ( Eliminated )
At panel, the judges were joined by model Alek Wek, the top supermodel. The first girl called by Tyrant this week was Hannah. She absolutely stunning on the photo with the tears. Brittani was runner up, followed by Monique.They were followed by Mikaela, Kasia, Dominique, Sara, Alexandria, Jaclyn, and Molly. That left Dalya and Nicole in the bottom two. Nicole is eliminated, Jay thought she was boring and sleepy during the shoot and then Nigel said she looked old after seeing the picture. Surprisingly, Ondrei suddenly quit at panel, being away from her family was just too much for her.  

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