Friday, March 11, 2011

ANTM 15 Episode 11

| Challenge |
Tyra Mail arrived, it said that the girls head to talk about castings, personality, and emotion. Miss J introduces them to Barbara Terrinoni, an acting coach. She is going to teach them how to be more expressive. Afterwards, Miss J tells them they are going to see a very special client. After the acting some emotion, the girls get to Vogue Italia, Andre is waiting for them and he introduces them to Franca Sozzani, Editor-in-Chief. They have to introduce themselves to her. Chelsey won the challenge and she picked Kayla. They get a private art show and a night in a fancy hotel.

| Photo Shoot |

The next day, the final four girls have to work on their fierceness, it's not a photo shoot, They head to Verona and Mr. Jay is waiting for them. Tyrant will be directing them in a" motion editorial " in some gorgeous couture. They have to model and move at the same time.

| At Panel |

At panel this week, Franca Sozzani is going to be guest judge. Who will be our two finalists? Who will be walk in a Roberto Cavalli show? When the are call out. The first girl Tyrant called was ANN and she followed by Chelsey.This two girls are the finalist of America's Next Top Model. Unfortunately, Jane and Kayla were eliminated and they have to back home.

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