Thursday, March 3, 2011

ANTM 15 Episode 10

| Challenge |
For this week challenge, it’s time for the all-important Go-Sees. The girl meet Tyrant in the Italian IMG headquarters at Milan. After Tyrant walks them through their portfolios and helps them get organized then the girls. meet with IMG’s Milan Directors Giovanni Di Corrinto and Andrea Cairo. They let the girls now that one of the Go-Sees is VERSACE. They have 4 appointments in total and need to make their own way around. They have to be back by 6.30 pm. Chelsey won the Go-Sees.

| Photo Shoot |
For the photo shoot, the girls all head to Lake Como. Nigel is going to be the photographer of the  Roman Goddess Statue photo shoot. The girls get to do it with a male model,  Simone Bredariol. The girls are also been make up the stone effect.

Kayla ( Best Photo )
 | At Panel |
Chris ( Eliminated )
At Panel, IMG Manager, Kyle Hagler was the guest judge. For the best photo this week goes to Kayla. Then she followed by Chelsey and Ann. Jane and Chris in the bottom two. Unfortunately, Chris was not called by Tyrant to be The Next America's Next Top Model and she was eliminated.

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