Monday, February 14, 2011

ANTM 15 Episode 8

| Challenge |
This week challenge, the girls have to walk at Zac Posen fashion show. Meanwhile, Miss J is off causing major mischief. He tells the professional models to bitch it up and become the stereotypical mean girls to the girls. Jane is the  first one down the runway. The followed by Liz and Kayla did pretty well too. Ann, her walk is a disaster. Chris and Chelsey both looked pretty good  and Esther looked pretty bad though.At last, Zac choose Chelsey as the winner. 

| Commercial Shoot |
The next day, Nigel and Mr. Jay show up to surprise the girls with their first commercial shoot. The shoot was for H2T Beauty and Energy water. The girls are gonna have to deliver the shoot on roller skates with the male hot male models. Kayla was uncomfortable that they might have to get intimate with the boys and she complained at Mr. Jay that she was sexually assaulted when she was eleven. Mr. Jay does his best to talk to her and support her. 

| At Panel |

At panel, Zac Posen is a guest judge for this week. Chris is called first then followed by Jane was . Then was followed by Chelsey, Kayla, and Liz. Ann is in the bottom two with Esther. Ann got a worst catwalk and photo shoot commercial. But Esther is not called by Tyrant to be the final 5 of America's Next Top Model and she was eliminated.

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