Monday, February 7, 2011

ANTM 15 Episode 7

| Photo Shoot |

This week photo shoot the girls are head on set for a photo shoot with photographer Francesco Carrozzini and stylist Rushka Bergman.  The girls will be transformed into famous fashion designers and not all girls transformed to women but some are transformed to men like Esther, Jane, Ann, Liz. The girls will actually be paired with other models in the designer’s outfits. 
Liz as John Galliano
Kayla as Vivien Westwood
Ann as Alexander Wang
Chelsey as Carolina Herera

Chris as Betsey Johnson

Jane as Marc Jacob
Esther as Christophe Decarnin

| At Panel |
Kendal as Vera Wang ( Eliminated )

At panel, Francesco Carrazzini is back as the guest judge. This week best photo is not Ann but Liz. Then followed by Kayla and Chris continued by Ann, Chelsey, and Jane. That left Esther and Kendal in the bottom two. The worst photo are Kendal and she was eliminated by Tyrant to be the Next America's Next Top Model. Her photo came across as boring.

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