Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hollywood Retro Glamour

| Dita Von Teese |

  Von Teese states that she never uses a stylist. She does her own make-up, and dyes her naturally blonde hair black at home. Von Teese's unique style is inspired by eccentric women like Luisa CasatiAnna Piaggi, and Isabella Blow

| Katy Perry |

Everyone loves Katy Perry's style!Rarely seen without her dark hair styled with flowers, headpieces and retro 1940s style waves, Katy is all about feminine, body hugging dresses, mini skirts bright colours, high heels and glamour. 

| Christina Aguilera |

Christina retro looks with totally up-to-date fashion tendencies creating a mix of style and glam. She interweaved her retro glam into her everyday image, and it’s hard for us to imagine her without beautifully dressed, red lips, black eyeliner, pale complexion and blonde hair.

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