Friday, January 14, 2011

ANTM 15 Episode 5

 | Challenge |

This week episode the models head to some place for another runway show. They are going to the tunnel highway which tyrant  shut down an entire tunnel to traffic.The girls are going to be wear designs by Herve Leger . The girls have to navigate a stagelaced with conveyor belts (move runway). The girls are gonna have to run with their high heels and long dress. The winner gets some jewelery and Kacey won the jewels !

| Photo Shoot |
Ann ( Best Photo )
At the photo shoot, the girls meet up with Mr. Jay and Mexican wrestlers. Masks, spandex and all. The photographers are father and son duo, Eddie and Moshe Brakha. They want to see beautiful madness.  Jay and the photographers kept giving different directions. 

 | At Panel |
Karolina Kurkova joined the judges at panel this week. You know who got the best photo?? Ann deserved the 4th best photo, four day in row. !! Amazing. Chris is called second and is thrilled. Then followed by Chelsey, Kayla, Liz, Esther, Kacey, and Kendal. Jane and Lexie are in bottom two. Unfortunately, Lexie is eliminated  to be an America's Next Top Model. 

Lexie (Eliminated)

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