Monday, December 20, 2010

ANTM 15 Episode 3

" Apricot Perm Extensions "
On this Episode, time for the girls to makeover depending on
 Tyra’s style decisions.During the makeovers, it is salon owner Mathew Preece
leading the way with the Jays. After all the makeovers were done, Jay 'surprised' the girl which
one of the girls will be going home tonight !! and Terra was eliminated at that night !
The next day was a photo shoot where it takes place on the beaches of Malibu, where the girls pose as fallen angels for photographer Anne MenkeThe girls will be hanging from wires as angels falling from the sky. And, they have to portray an emotion with the shirtless hot guy.

Ann-Longing (Best Photo)
Chelsey : Mysterious
Kendal : Desire/Lust
Rhianna : Hopeless/Sultry
Lexie : Predatorial
Kayla : Evil
Kacey : Rebellious
Jane: Scorned
Esther : Fearless
Chris : Heartbroken
Lexie : Power/Victory
| At Panel |

Tyra called Kayla, Chelsey, Chris and Ann out first because they had a great photo and Ann got the Best photo. Two weeks in row. Other girls were called too. Unfortunately,  Lexie and Sara in the bottom two. Finally, Sara was eliminated in this episode.

Sara-Seductive (Eliminated)

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