Monday, December 13, 2010

ANTM 15 Episode 2

| Challenge |
The girls are whisked away to meet the Jays where they find out they will be walking in a Diane Von Furstenberg runway show .Not only was this a Diane von Furstenberg runway show, but the models had to do their own hair and makeup, and the runway was suspended 4 stories in the air!

| Photo Shoot |
This week’s photo shoot surprised the girls for a conversation about teen bullying. During the photo shoot with photographer Deborah Anderson, the girls’ bodies are painted with a word that describes the type of bullying they have experienced. Legendary fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg joins Tyra Banks, Andre Leon Talley and Nigel Barker on the judges panel. In this episode Anamaria is out. Andre Leon Talley and Diane Von Furstenberg said that she's too skinny even for modelling.

Ann (Best Photo)
Bully Word : Giant
Strong Word : Amazon
Jane : Big Face and Big Square Head
Kacey : 
Oreo and Nubian Queen.
Kayla : Queer and Free
Kendal : 
Lanky and Fierce. 
Chris : Bony and Slim
Esther : Weirdo and Independent 
Lexie : Elf Ears and UniqueLiz : Mutt and Bi-Racial Beauty 
Rhianna : Stupid and Undefinable
Sara : Manly and Athletic
Terra : Soup Cooler and Luscious Lips
Chelsey : Casper and Fearless
Anamaria (Eliminated)
Bully Word :Bucktooth
Strong Word : Sexy Mouth

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