Wednesday, December 29, 2010

ANTM 15 Episode 4

| Challenge |

This week challenge, the model head to Knott’s Berry Farm amusement park to meet Nigel Barker and Miss Jay. The girls have to ride the Silver Bullet roller coaster, pose while doing it, and score a good shotLiz won with her “catalogue” shot and won a private photo shoot with Tyrant for her website.

|Photo Shoot|

This week photo shoot will be highly stylized beauty shot and it’s underwaterThe girls are posing as undersea goddesses with various items of sea creatures and jewellery. They been photographed by Matthew Rolston. Here are the photo.

Ann : Lobsters (Best Photo)
Esther : Octopus
Kayla : Crab
Lexie : Crab
Jane :  Shell
Kendal : Eel
Liz : Seaweed
Kacey : Octopus
Chris : Starfish
Chelsey : Octopus
| At Panel |
The judges are as usual and Matthew Rolston is back as guest judge. Ann is called first, OMG !! Three day in row. Then the other girls are called too but  Liz and Rhianna in the bottom two. Unfortunately, Tyra did not called Rhianna to becoming the next America's Next Top Model so she was eliminated . Tyra said that she was not good versatile.

Rhianna : Lobster (Eliminated)

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